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Citizen PD24 Series Printers

Citizen PD24 Series Printers

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Citizen's PD24 portable printer is the latest design for users requiring the ultimate in portable printing technology. The PD24 prints at 2 inches per second allowing for a typical 8 inch long receipt to be printed in just over 4 seconds. This coupled with the PD24's small size and weight (1.18 lbs.) make it the perfect printer for hospitality, route accounting, healthcare, law enforcement, fiel » Voir plusd service, and retails applications.

  • Code: CITIZEN-PD24-SERIES-PRINTERSFabricant: Citizen
  • Citizen PD24B

    PD24 Portable Printer (4 Inch Print Width, Lithium Battery, Bluetooth, Serial, USB and IRDA Interfaces)
    Citizen's PD24 portable printer is th...

    Produit indisponible actuellement - substitué par: Citizen PD24 - Imprimante de tickets Citizen PD24


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