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LXE MX9 Mobile Computers

LXE MX9 Mobile Computers

LXE MX9 Mobile Computers
Honeywell's LXE MX9 ultra-rugged mobile computer lowers the total cost of ownership and supports anywhere wireless connectivity to ensure users stay connected and informed. To earn the right to be called ''ultra-rugged,'' a device must test to an IP rating of 67, a 6-foot drop to concrete and a 2,000 cycle 1-meter tumble test.
  • Code: LXE-MX9-MOBILE-COMPUTERSFabricant: Honeywell
  • Honeywell MX9A1B1B1D1B0US

    MX9 Wireless Handheld Computer (Lorax/62-Key ANSI, 802.11b-g, Dual 802.11b-g Antennae, RF Term, 128MB/128MB, CE 5.0)
    Honeywell's LXE MX9 ultr...
  • Honeywell MX9A1D3B1F1B0US

    MX9 Wireless Handheld Computer (802.11b-g, Bluetooth, ET, 38-Key Alpha/ANSI, Lorax, CE 5.0, RF Term, 128MB x 128MB)
    Honeywell's LXE MX9 ultra...
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